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Brad is a professional commercial product and lifestyle photographer specializing in outdoor photography and videography. With an extensive skill set that not only focuses on exceptional photo and video production, but also in depth post-production and retouching, Brad promises high-quality deliverables with seamless communication and value for your time.

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Residing in the picturesque town of Whistler, British Columbia, Brad has always been an outdoors enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and adventure. His love for photography started at a young age, and what began as a hobby naturally grew into his full-time job. Being Australian-born and well travelled, Brad has been far and wide and counts himself lucky to have experienced diverse cultures and epic landscapes, all while making lifelong connections along the way. 

Enjoying the journey, not just the destination. When he’s not at his editing desk, you'll find Brad hiking mountains with friends, snowboarding, cold plunging into frozen lakes, and cherishing the small moments. Wherever he is, whether it’s travelling overseas or exploring the backcountry, his camera is always within reach.


Brad is a strong believer in enjoying the journey just as much—if not more—than the destination. He uses his skills in photography, videography, and active storytelling to create lasting memories from moments that matter. From his landscape and travel photography to his high-quality commercial work, Brad never fails to evoke emotion through his art and create incredible visuals that leave a permanent impression.

Always excited to push boundaries and create something different, Brad has a growing audience of over 30,000 fellow creatives, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Through engagement and collaborations, he uses his social media to connect with and inspire his active community, as well as to build and foster the connections he’s made along the way.

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