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Pitching & Media Kit Foundations + 3 Media Kit Templates

What's Inside: 


A downloadable PDF file containing:

An introduction to media kits and the benefits of using them.

Key components to include in your media kit.

3 Ready-to-Use Media Kit Templates, drag and drop for effortless customization.

How to build a strong email pitch and techniques on crafting effective pitches.

Real-life copy examples for pitching clients.


This is a digital product*

Media Kit Templates are built in**

Pitching & Media Kit Foundations + 3 Media Kit Templates

  • Unlock the secrets to winning clients and take your creative business to new heights. In this comprehensive guide, you'll receive 3 drag and drop media kit templates that have catapulted my photography career, along with invaluable insights on crafting persuasive client pitches.


    Pouring effort into your business but neglecting how you showcase it leaves money on the table. By following the steps and using the templates included, you'll leapfrog your competition. Remember, first impressions matter, and this is your ticket to nailing every first impression your business makes. 


    Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your photography career. Invest in yourself, and take the first step towards landing dream clients and achieving the success you deserve.

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