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Adventure Pack - Lightroom Presets

Presets Included:


DreamScape - The perfect lifestyle and landscape preset with a dreamy vibe. Clarity set to -50 creates soft edges and flattens shadows, complimented by a warm punch in the highlights.


Lost Abroad - Moody contrast with lush greens. Great for forests and grassy landscapes. 


Summit Sandwich - Just like my favourite treat after an uphill grind. Desaturated greens, warm shadows and a blue kick in the highlights. Add a gradient filter over your sky, set the dehaze to -25 and enjoy the view. 


Sun’s Out - You heard it right! A vibrant and warm preset that lifts shadows while holding saturation. Made for sunny beach days and bright light conditions. 


Arctic Flow - If you find yourself shooting in snowy conditions, this preset is for you. Holds true colours while adding contrast and a hit to the highlights. 


Vertigo - An artistic twist on the Arctic Flow preset that cools off shadows and desaturates the image. Great for use in snowy conditions. Bring the temperature slider up to regain saturation to your preference. 


Mean Machine - A personal favourite for use in lifestyle and product photography. Adjust the warmth and drop clarity to create a dreamy adventurous feel. 


European Summer - A gentle and warm base for sunny adventures. Don’t be afraid to blast the exposure and add more warmth! 


Lovelywater - Squashed highlights and faded blacks make this artistic preset work well in all lifestyle situations. A warm and contrasty start that can be tweaked using the S curve.


Ocean Days - Bright, blue and tropical. Keep it cool and enjoy the ocean tones. 


Faded Dream - A glowy, nostalgic vibe that is perfect to slap on all things landscape. Throw a large radial filter over the light source in the image, dehaze to -25 and watch the magic happen.


Vintage Hawaii - A VIBE. Grab your rainbow slush cup and put your sunglasses on, this grainy and faded look adds a colour pop that feels like a Pinterest paradise. Adjust the colour grading wheels to reduce or shift tones in the highlights and shadows. 

Adventure Pack - Lightroom Presets

  • In this Adventure Edition Preset Pack you will receive my 12 primary presets that I use as a base for all my photo edits. 


    These 12 presets will function as a solid base when editing your photos. To achieve maximum results, I recommend that you adjust the white balance and exposure per photo (as well as anything else you feel - every photo is different, these will not always be a one tap edit). Personally - I find these presets work SUPER well when adding gradient and radial filters to make your subject pop.


    Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use when I edit my own photos and as a result, can be seen on my Instagram page - @Bradflowerss.


    *You will receive 1 ZIP file containing the presets, as well as a Read Me file on how to Install on desktop.

     These are NOT for photoshop, Premiere, or any other editor. 

    *These are digital downloads - not a physical box set*

    **Please note all sales are final - no refunds or returns, by purchasing you agree that you have read the above and these are compatible for your device.

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